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Power Pro Wrestling results from Sanford, NC March 12, 2011

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March 12, 2011 Power Pro Wrestling returned to Sanford, NC and the National Guard Armory. Fans of Power Pro Wrestling filled the armory to see a big card will the best Power Pro Mega-Stars.

With the resignation of Power Pro ring announcer, DJ Slash, yours truly, 'The Doctor' Michael Devine did double duty as General Manager & ring announcer. I have to say it afforded me a chance to see the fans reactions to certain wrestlers as well as giving me a close and personal look at the action. It was a tremendous night and here are the results from Saturday Night.

First match was a Triple Threat Match which featured, S.T.D vs Walt Strickland vs Nate Roberts from the Four Corner Cartel. Walt, Nate and S.T.D are students from the Power Pro Wrestling School (where I am also a trainer). Nate is my protege while Walt Strickland was mentored by one Jimbo Fox, while S.T.D came out accompanied by Cade Sydal. Needless to say Nate and Walt went at it so much so that they forgot all about S.T.D who was able to take advantage and win the match when he pinned Walt Strickland.

The second match was scheduled to be a grudge match between between Tommy Daniels and Ricky Daniels formerly "Style and Class". Tommy Daniels came to the ring where he received a warm response from his fans. He then immediately let the know what the issues were behind the break up of the tag team of Style and Class and why he wanted this match. Not wanting him to have made a trip for nothing I arranged for a suitable replacement in the form of Broderick G McQueen. It was a good match but it ended with Brother G winning by pinfall.

Third Match featured one half of the Power Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Roland Dyce against Tony Platinum. Roland Dyce was able to gain a victory. (Note: The Tag Team titles will be defended on March 26th...whether Dyce has a partner or not)

Fourth Match was a Lucha Libre match Mexico vs Puerto Rico. Representing Mexico was the team of Guerrero Ninja and Sangre Latina vs The Tag Team of Boricua Puerto Rico representing Puerto Rico. This tag team match was personal. The Mexico team had the strength, the Puerto Rico Team had the speed and it was speed that won out as Boricua Puerto Rico defeated Ninja and Latina.

Fifth Match was a non-title match. Internet Champion Scotty Matthews faced off against Cade Sydal in a match that went back and forth, back and forth even though Sydal was smaller than Scotty Matthews. A couple of times Sydal almost pulled off a win but Scotty finally pulled it out in seven minutes to win the match.

Sixth Match was also a non-title match but there was a special stipulation. If Ty Tyson was able to win against the current Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Ali Steele, Ty Tyson would get his title rematch at "Homecoming" on March 26th. The 350 Enforcer of the Four Corner Cartel and Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion looked great. He was ready for action. Ty Tyson, who was joined by Samantha Starr, looked okay. Ty used is speed and tried to stay away from The Champ, who had the size and weight advantage. The Champ was able to get his hands on Ty Tyson and turned the advantage. Unfortunately Ty Tyson was able to gain the victory when he executed a RKO style cutter out of Ali Steele's sky high powerbomb. With that win Ty Tyson will receive his title rematch at Homecoming in Moore County, March 26th.

THE MAIN EVENT: The Career vs Title Shot Match between Mark James and Scrapyard Dog. If Mark James lost he would be fired from Power Pro Wrestling. I had to have this match restarted a couple of times when it became obvious that both Mark James and Scrapyard Dog had planned for Scrapyard to throw the match so that Mark James would be declared the winner. I put an end to the hijinxs and shenanigans when I informed them both that they would compete in a No DQ, No Count Out Match where the winner would become Number One contender for the Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and the loser would be fired. As a present I left a bag of thumb tacks in the ring for someone to use. Finally the two of them got down to business. It was a high impact, hard hitting match. Scrapyard Dog slapped on his submission hold on Mark James. From what I understand, Jim Fox came out with a chair and hit Scrapyard Dog in the back with it. He then laid the chair down and poured the thumb tacks over the chair to drop Scrapyard Dog on it. Instead he kicked Mark James (his best friend) and DDT'd him (head first onto the tacks and the chair). With his loss (his losing steak just keeps on going) Mark James was fired from Power Pro Wrestling.

Now, for those of you who were at the event let me say this. I had nor have any knowledge of what Jim Fox was doing getting in the ring and why he turned on his best friend Mark James, costing him his job at Power Pro. Some blamed me saying I screwed Mark James but the fans who were not blinded by the hype, who had not sipped the kool-aid realized that it was indeed Mark James' best buddy who did him.

Yes, I put Mark James in the position to fight for his career. But my intentions were to put the fire in his belly. Make him hungry so that he would start winning matches because a James losing streak costs me and Power Pro Wrestling money. Honestly, I thought Mark James was going to win. (Honest, I did) What Jim Fox did was screw Power Pro once again. Because of his interference Power Pro has lost a top talent. I am obligated to abide by the contract and stipulations so Mark James is gone from Power Pro Wrestling.

I have also received emails from fans asking me what is going on between myself and Scotty Matthews. Unlike Scotty Matthews, I don't air Cartel business out in public. What goes on between the Cartel members in private is private Cartel business and is none of your business. Just know that all is well in and with the Four Corner Cartel.

All in all it was a great night. But just wait. We are going to blow the roof off of Moore County when Power Pro Wrestling presents "HOMECOMING". Power Pro Wrestling comes home to the Moore County Fairgrounds in Carthage, NC on March 26, 2011. You do not want to miss our Homecoming. Visit for information and updates.

This has been "The Doctor's Report" check back again when I talk about TNA's Victory Road PPV and give my opinion of The Sting/Jeff Hardy match. But now...The Doctor is OUT!

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