Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Doctor is in! Welcome to the Doctor's Report!

I am a bit sore but EXHILARATED! Last night Power Pro Wrestling held it's 3rd Annual Spring Fling and if you missed it. If you MISSED IT then you are truly, truly going to feel bad about this report.

Moses Manson, Mark James and Johnny Atlas made their returns to Power Pro Wrestling at Spring Fling. To say that even I, The Doctor, was surprised by all this is saying a lot, since I am rarely surprised by anything.

You will be happy to know that I signed Johnny Atlas to a Power Pro Wrestling contract and rehired Mark James as an active Power Pro Wrestler.

I great deal happened at Power Pro's Spring Fling last night. Ali Steele became a two time Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion after winning the fatal four way TLC match. Ali Steele, Mark James, Scotty Matthews and Ty Tyson survived the 20 man gauntlet battle royal to become the final four for the TLC match. Earlier in the night Ali Steele lost the title to Scrapyard Dog but with his win he became a two time champion while giving Scrapyard Dog the distinction of being the shortest reigning Power Pro Wrestling Champion in the history of Power Pro Wrestling.

It is very obvious that the tension and heat between Mark James and Jimbo "Dick Foley" Fox has grown and it exploded at the end of Spring Fling when the two of them brawled through out the place. May 14th the two of them will face each other FINALLY! This will take place at Moore County Fairgrounds.

At the end of Spring Fling I was faced with questions concerning the controversial end of the Fatal Four Way TLC. I have reviewed the video tape from Spring Fling, which I will review. I must say this to all the Power Pro fans; barring some major evidence the results of the match will stand. 

One more topic being asked of me concerns myself and Scotty Matthews. At Spring Fling things between the two of us got very personal and physical. I will address the controversy with the Power Pro Heavyweight title and Scotty Matthews live on Power Pro Talk Tuesday night April 12 where the special guest will be none other than Moses Manson or go to

I have an Update on the condition of DJ Slash. DJ Slash is doing well. He is banged up from being assaulted by Power Pro Wrestling's Owner, Jimbo Fox.

Okay The Doctor is out but I will be back!