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We are just 24 hours away from Power Pro Wrestling's HOMECOMING! It is the return of Power Pro Wrestling to where it all began and I can not wait. But before I jump into Homecoming I want to address some things I teased concerning TNA and WWE.

Let The Doctor begin with TNA! For those who know The Doctor, they know that I have been a BIG BIG BIG SUPPORTER of TNA. I have followed TNA when it was NWA/TNA putting on the 19.95 PPV shows. I stayed with them from there to the half hour TV show, to the one hour TV show to where they are now. I admired how they went about their business, slow and steady, they did exist because of Vince McMahon and the WWE but in spite of them. I will admit that when TNA started adding Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Christian I got nervous about the future of the company I loved BUT I had faith in TNA and stayed true to the brand. Then Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came followed by The Nasty Boys, Sean Morley (Val Venis), Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy...the loss of the 6-side ring...and my faith was shakened and fear set in. The things that I loved about TNA were disappearing. The X Division took a back seat. Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Christopher Daniels and others left the company, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Somoa Joe went from the front seat to the back seat or even out of the door. My beloved TNA was becoming WCW:Revisited by I hoped...I prayed...that it would end. That Dixie Carter would realize that she was walking away from what brought her to the dance. When they tried to go head to head against RAW on Monday Nights and failed, I thought...Dixie got the message and things would go back the way things use to be. Well...long story short...NOPE and I feel that my TNA is gone and as much as I would love to blame Hogan and Bischoff they are not the only ones or the main ones, that honor goes to Dixie Carter. I can't defend and support a brand who would allow Jeff Hardy to wrestle in the main event of one of their big PPV's so HIGH that he was lucky to find the ring much less get in it. I can't defend and support a company that does not see the writing on the wall nor the wail from their fans. I just can not. I will continue to watch TNA because...well, there is a bit of hope that one day she will see the light and end this madness...but mainly because of guys like Gunner (Phil Shatter), Robert Roode, AJ Styles, James Storm, Kazarian, Lethal, Daniels...the guys with talent and the REAL SUPERSTARS of TNA. The ones who carried TNA on their backs and shoulders while Hogan, Bischoff and the others were in WWE! No longer will TNA get the benefit of the doubt from me. From now on I will call crap, crap. I will stop buying and watching TNA PPVs, which were the only wrestling PPVs I was buying and watching. So that's it. I watched as WCW was lead to ruin and eventually destroyed. Now I will do the same with TNA with ONE EXCEPTION...I am going to continue to scream and shout about what is BAD and CRAPPY about TNA and support what is good about it (AJ, ROODE, STORM, LETHAL, KAZARIAN, SHELLEY, SABIN...) and hope that some how, some way Dixie Carter hears my cries and saves the day by saying "ENOUGH OF THE MADNESS".
One more thing...BIG SHOUT OUT TO TNA TV CHAMPION...PHIL (GUNNER) SHATTER...definitely a great talent, great guy and great champion.

NOW WWE! Again, those who know me know that my relationship with WWE is love-hate. It is because I have that Love-Hate with WWE that they keep pulling me back in as much as I hate being pulled in. They have pulled me in with the entire Michael Cole/Jerry "The King" Lawler program. I like, many, find Michael Cole annoying. The sound of his weasely, measly voice annoys me. Slowly but surely the WWE worked it's black magic over me and got me hooked on my hate for Michael Cole that I...a grizzled veteran...a ring general...a man with over 20 glorious years in the sport of professional wrestling...screamed at the TV like a mad man when Michael Cole interfered in the ladder match where Lawler could have walked away as WWE Champion. And it began from there...I know have nothing but hatred for Michael Cole and it is that hatred for him that has me watching WWE to see what he is going to do to Jerry Lawler and it keeps me coming back...I WILL BE DAMNED IF THE WWE HAS NOT GRIPPED ME AND PULLED ME BACK. I can't wait to see Lawler whip Cole's ass and in the mean time WWE hooked me on Undertaker/Triple H, Orton/Punk, Rock/Cena/Miz...DAMNIT MAN! Well played are about to get some portion of my hard earned money for WRESTLEMANIA...yes WWE...well played, well played indeed!

POWER PRO WRESTLING: HOMECOMING! THE MAIN EVENT! Power Pro Wrestling is coming back to Moore County Fairgrounds where it all began for Power Pro Wrestling. It will also be a night where questions will be answered and action will be experienced! Now for weeks and months fans and wrestlers and Jimbo "Dick Foley" have been screaming at me to give him a wrestling contract and on Power Pro Talk I offered him the contract and at Homecoming I am prepared to present it to him at Homecoming. The provision is that he has to face Scrapyard Dog and defend the CIW U.S. Title. Homecoming will be the night that Fox will face the fans and some Power Pro Wrestlers as they toss him some hard questions in a question and answer in 'The Doctor's Corner". "The Master of Malice" Mark James has been invited to appear at "Homecoming" and when he shows up I will re-hire to Power Pro and the match for the CIW U.S. title will be a triple threat between Fox/Scrapyard Dog and Mark James. I know everyone is saying he will not be there but I have it on good authority that Mark James has heard my call and I know he will there to get his job back and to confront Fox. "Homecoming" will be a big night with Heavyweight Champion Ali Steele will defend against Ty Tyson with Samantha Starr, the PPW Tag Team Champions (Roland Dyce and Gleuteus Maximus) will be in action, as well as Scotty Matthews, Broderick G McQueen, Nate Roberts, Cade Sydal, STD and THE RETURN of Brandon Day! You do not want to miss "HOMECOMING"...go to for all the information.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power Wrestling Talk, PPW Homecoming Matches

This is Dr. Michael Devine, Power Pro Wrestling General Manager, and the DOCTOR is IN!

Okay, so if you watched/listened to Power Pro Talk 3/22/11, then you heard me offer Jimbo Fox a wrestling contract to face Scrapyard Dog at Power Pro Wrestling's "Home-Coming" with his new CIW United States Championship on the line. You heard him back peddle...and try to get out of it. How ironic...after all this time of him wanting me to give him a contract and the fans wanting him to have a contract...I give him one...offer rather and he seems to not want it. I will have a wrestling contract for Jimbo (Dick after 6) Fox for him at the Home-coming show and once he signs it then he will be a signed wrestler and on that night he will face Scrapyard Dog for the CIW United States title and if Mark James shows up at Home-Coming, I will rehire him and make the match a triple threat. Yes, The Doctor has seen the light...the fans want it and The Doctor will provide it. The fans wanted DJ Slash back...Slash is back. They want Foley back...well I am trying to make that's up to Foley from this point on. Everyone made their points to me and I now understand and I will see to it that you get what you want.

HOMECOMING is going to be a BIG EVENT! Here are the matches that have been made, of course matches are subject to change.

Walt Strickland vs STD (Suicide Test Dummy) [The winner of this match will receive a permanent Power Pro Wrestling contract.]

Dr. Michael Devine vs Cade Sydal [If Cade Sydal lasts more than 7 minutes he will receive a title shot for the Internet Championship when ever he wants as well as name the match he wants.]

A Lucha Libre Match: Guererro Ninja/Sangre Latina vs Puerto Rico Boriqua 

[The debut of the Doctor's Corner: Michael Devine will have Jimbo Fox AKA Dick Foley for a Question and Answer from the Power Pro Wrestling fans to explain his actions against Scrapyard Dog and Mark James. As well as the presentation of a wrestling contract to Fox.]

Broderick G. McQueen vs Brandon Day

PPW Tag Team Title Match: Roland Dyce/Gluetus Maximus vs Nate Roberts/Tony Platinum

PPW Internet Title Match: Scotty Matthews vs Scrapyard Dog

PPW Heavyweight Title Match: Ali Steele vs Ty Tyson with Samantha Starr [This will be Ty Tyson's rematch and last chance to regain the PPW Heavyweight title]

Go to to get all the information.

The Doctor is OUT!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Doctor is in and ready for another Doctor's Report.

I intended to talk about TNA and WWE BUT some thing happened last night on Power Pro Talk that I want to address.

If you listened to Power Pro Talk last night (or if you missed it go here ) as I did last night, you noticed that Power Pro Owner, Jim, Jimbo, Dick Foley (after 6pm) hosted the entire show by himself. It was interesting. He said some things on last night's show that I want to address.

Fox showed a video of the match between Mark James and Scrapyard Dog, which conveniently stopped playing right before showing that Jim Fox charged the ring with a chair, hitting Scrapyard Dog and then after pouring thousands of thumb tacks on the chair, Fox DDT'ed Mark James on the chair the ordered Scrapyard Dog to cover him, of course Mark James lost and that ended his career in Power Pro. Jim "Jimbo" Fox screwed Mark James but I get blamed. WHAT? REALLY?

Let me make this point perfectly clear...Okay...look on a personal level and even a professional level, I have no real problem with Mark James. Okay, okay...I gave him grief over his losing streak...and perhaps enjoyed it a little BUT what I was giving Mark was tough love. I wanted to make him angry, to find that hunger, drive, that fury and channel it so that maybe he would start winning matches. I'm not going to apologize for that. Mark James on a losing streak is not money...putting him up against Scrapyard Dog...I felt was a money would be a great match...blowing the damn roof off the place. Give the fans their money's worth and more, so when they gave me the half-assed joke matches and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt schtick I upped the ante. IF I KNEW Jim Fox was up to some thing...Look, the bottom line is this...and I will admit it...Mark James is money for Power Pro and what Jim Fox did was take money out of Power Pro's pocket. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. The match was no DQ, the referee's decision stands...Mark James is gone from Power Pro but not by my hand. One man is responsible...JIM "JIMBO" FOX. WHY JIM? WHY?

The Power Pro Board of Directors were not happy. I promised them a match where Mark James had a chance, which he did until Jim Fox got involved. That was when I came up with the idea of a face to face on the debut of "The Doctor's Corner" March 26th where the fans will have a chance to address Jim Fox and his actions, he can respond to them...AND Mark James will be given the chance to address him. Now things WILL NOT get physical. This is an opportunity for Jim Fox to explain his actions to the fans and Mark James.

I have attempted to contact Mark James, who has yet to respond on the idea of a face to face. Jim Fox has promised to answer all the fans and Mark James' questions.

During last night's show it was revealed that there will be a battle royal in which the final four men will have a ladder match for the Power Pro Heavyweight title. It was revealed that Ali Steele would be in the battle royal for all intent of purpose he is defending his title. With so much going on I signed off on it without reading it, so it stands as is BUT if there is a way out I will find a way out of this for "The Champ". That match will take place at Spring Fling on April 9, 2011 at the National Guard Armory in Sanford. Make sure you check for all the information.

That is all for now. The Doctor is out!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Power Pro Wrestling results from Sanford, NC March 12, 2011

Welcome to 'The Doctor's Report' 

The Doctor is IN!

March 12, 2011 Power Pro Wrestling returned to Sanford, NC and the National Guard Armory. Fans of Power Pro Wrestling filled the armory to see a big card will the best Power Pro Mega-Stars.

With the resignation of Power Pro ring announcer, DJ Slash, yours truly, 'The Doctor' Michael Devine did double duty as General Manager & ring announcer. I have to say it afforded me a chance to see the fans reactions to certain wrestlers as well as giving me a close and personal look at the action. It was a tremendous night and here are the results from Saturday Night.

First match was a Triple Threat Match which featured, S.T.D vs Walt Strickland vs Nate Roberts from the Four Corner Cartel. Walt, Nate and S.T.D are students from the Power Pro Wrestling School (where I am also a trainer). Nate is my protege while Walt Strickland was mentored by one Jimbo Fox, while S.T.D came out accompanied by Cade Sydal. Needless to say Nate and Walt went at it so much so that they forgot all about S.T.D who was able to take advantage and win the match when he pinned Walt Strickland.

The second match was scheduled to be a grudge match between between Tommy Daniels and Ricky Daniels formerly "Style and Class". Tommy Daniels came to the ring where he received a warm response from his fans. He then immediately let the know what the issues were behind the break up of the tag team of Style and Class and why he wanted this match. Not wanting him to have made a trip for nothing I arranged for a suitable replacement in the form of Broderick G McQueen. It was a good match but it ended with Brother G winning by pinfall.

Third Match featured one half of the Power Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Roland Dyce against Tony Platinum. Roland Dyce was able to gain a victory. (Note: The Tag Team titles will be defended on March 26th...whether Dyce has a partner or not)

Fourth Match was a Lucha Libre match Mexico vs Puerto Rico. Representing Mexico was the team of Guerrero Ninja and Sangre Latina vs The Tag Team of Boricua Puerto Rico representing Puerto Rico. This tag team match was personal. The Mexico team had the strength, the Puerto Rico Team had the speed and it was speed that won out as Boricua Puerto Rico defeated Ninja and Latina.

Fifth Match was a non-title match. Internet Champion Scotty Matthews faced off against Cade Sydal in a match that went back and forth, back and forth even though Sydal was smaller than Scotty Matthews. A couple of times Sydal almost pulled off a win but Scotty finally pulled it out in seven minutes to win the match.

Sixth Match was also a non-title match but there was a special stipulation. If Ty Tyson was able to win against the current Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Ali Steele, Ty Tyson would get his title rematch at "Homecoming" on March 26th. The 350 Enforcer of the Four Corner Cartel and Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion looked great. He was ready for action. Ty Tyson, who was joined by Samantha Starr, looked okay. Ty used is speed and tried to stay away from The Champ, who had the size and weight advantage. The Champ was able to get his hands on Ty Tyson and turned the advantage. Unfortunately Ty Tyson was able to gain the victory when he executed a RKO style cutter out of Ali Steele's sky high powerbomb. With that win Ty Tyson will receive his title rematch at Homecoming in Moore County, March 26th.

THE MAIN EVENT: The Career vs Title Shot Match between Mark James and Scrapyard Dog. If Mark James lost he would be fired from Power Pro Wrestling. I had to have this match restarted a couple of times when it became obvious that both Mark James and Scrapyard Dog had planned for Scrapyard to throw the match so that Mark James would be declared the winner. I put an end to the hijinxs and shenanigans when I informed them both that they would compete in a No DQ, No Count Out Match where the winner would become Number One contender for the Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and the loser would be fired. As a present I left a bag of thumb tacks in the ring for someone to use. Finally the two of them got down to business. It was a high impact, hard hitting match. Scrapyard Dog slapped on his submission hold on Mark James. From what I understand, Jim Fox came out with a chair and hit Scrapyard Dog in the back with it. He then laid the chair down and poured the thumb tacks over the chair to drop Scrapyard Dog on it. Instead he kicked Mark James (his best friend) and DDT'd him (head first onto the tacks and the chair). With his loss (his losing steak just keeps on going) Mark James was fired from Power Pro Wrestling.

Now, for those of you who were at the event let me say this. I had nor have any knowledge of what Jim Fox was doing getting in the ring and why he turned on his best friend Mark James, costing him his job at Power Pro. Some blamed me saying I screwed Mark James but the fans who were not blinded by the hype, who had not sipped the kool-aid realized that it was indeed Mark James' best buddy who did him.

Yes, I put Mark James in the position to fight for his career. But my intentions were to put the fire in his belly. Make him hungry so that he would start winning matches because a James losing streak costs me and Power Pro Wrestling money. Honestly, I thought Mark James was going to win. (Honest, I did) What Jim Fox did was screw Power Pro once again. Because of his interference Power Pro has lost a top talent. I am obligated to abide by the contract and stipulations so Mark James is gone from Power Pro Wrestling.

I have also received emails from fans asking me what is going on between myself and Scotty Matthews. Unlike Scotty Matthews, I don't air Cartel business out in public. What goes on between the Cartel members in private is private Cartel business and is none of your business. Just know that all is well in and with the Four Corner Cartel.

All in all it was a great night. But just wait. We are going to blow the roof off of Moore County when Power Pro Wrestling presents "HOMECOMING". Power Pro Wrestling comes home to the Moore County Fairgrounds in Carthage, NC on March 26, 2011. You do not want to miss our Homecoming. Visit for information and updates.

This has been "The Doctor's Report" check back again when I talk about TNA's Victory Road PPV and give my opinion of The Sting/Jeff Hardy match. But now...The Doctor is OUT!