Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Memory of my best friend; Karen Deats


This morning I received a phone call that rocked me to my core. I was informed that my best friend in the world and in wrestling had died the night before. As I listened to the words I felt numb and stunned. Tears were in my eyes and all I could do was think about the wonderful woman and friend, who had been apart of my life so long that I don't remember a time she was not around and with me. So let me introduce and share with you my agent, my confidante, my very best friend...Karen Elaine Cressley Deats.

Karen was the daughter of the late Leroy and Lois Deats, brother to the late Bruce Cressely, mother to Rebecca Deats Miliron and Judy Deats; grandmother to Logan Deats, Noah and Dallas Miliron. She was not just a daughter, mother and grandmother; she was also a professional wrestler. 

Karen, who was born in Pennsylvania began her wrestling career in Houston, Texas where she trained under Texas wrestling great Tug Taylor and for whom she would wrestle for under the name Sgt. Karen Slaughter. Karen often told me how tough the training was in Texas. Tug Taylor did not take pity on Karen because she was a woman, he was probably tougher on her because she was a woman. This was in the day of women wrestlers like Susan "Tex" Green, The Fabulous Moolah, Velvet Mcintyre, Leilani Kai. These were women wrestlers not bikini clad "divas" showing off their 'puppies'. The women had to work harder than the men not just for their spot on the show but for their respect. Karen shared with me a story about when she was training how demanding it was and that it toughened her up and made her ready for the ring. Wrestling in Texas back in those days were tough; the crowds and the other wrestlers. Karen had taken the military styled gimmick of Sgt. Karen Slaughter, the niece of Sgt. Slaughter. This Sgt. Slaughter, however, worked for the border patrol because whenever she saw a Latino audience member she would ask for their green card or would just harass them the entire time. She got plenty of heel heat as well as plenty of threats but she did not mind. She enjoyed what she did in the ring. She loved professional wrestling with all her heart. Unfortunately, a serious back injury ended her in ring career but not her interest in the business. When she moved back to Pennsylvania she began working with Jim Miller with Pro Wrestling Xpress and NWA East as well a Chris Lash with Allied Powers Wrestling Federation. She knew what made sense in the ring and what she wanted to see. She was the general in the locker room making sure everything went well and ran smoothly. It was while she worked for Allied Powers Wrestling Federation that she and I would meet. At the time I was wrestling for Championship Pro Wrestling out of Martinsburg, West Virginia as Mohammed Kane. A group of us [Shane Shadows, "Combat Kid" Gene Harrison and Bob Keller] from CPW had been booked to appear on the APWF show. I was booked to face the Giant Leviathan, who was 6ft 9in tall. While I was getting ready for my match I got the idea to see what the crowd was like. I went to the kitchen area of the building we were in and there I saw this short woman watching the action in the ring while issuing orders to several staff members. I still remember my first thought when I saw her barking orders, which was this is one tough lady. It did not take long before she and I were friends. She dubbed herself The HBIC, Head Bitch In Charge and soon she would later become my agent under the banner of Venenzia Management; helping me get bookings in other wrestling promotions as well as being my adviser. Whenever I had a question or an idea concerning wrestling she was was always there with good advice. Over the years she and I grew closer, I got to know and watch her family grow over the years. I became the godfather to her first grandson and I would be forever dubbed "Uncle Mo" or just Mo.

Over the years Karen experienced and overcame some tough times both personally and health wise. Her back injury from her wrestling had always been a nagging problem as well as a "bionic" knee replacement, diabetes and heart problems. But Through it all she continued to stay in the fight. We would talk everyday, I was there for her and she made no move without consulting her friend Mo. When times got so tough that she felt she could not make it she and I would talk and afterwards she knew had a different point of view of the situation and she did the same for me. There was a time when I was apart of an wrestling angle that I just could not understand, try as I might. She and I talked for hours and she gave me some great advise on how to handle the situation, which I took and as always it worked out just as she knew it would.

They say that you can't pick your family but you can pick your friends and that is true. But I don't know if I could ever pick a friend as great as Karen. I miss her physical presence. I will miss being able to call her. I will miss how she use to say "Hey Mo man," when we talked. I will miss her laughter, her wisdom, and her support. I know that when I think about her I will forever have those memories and in those memories she will live forever. I do know one thing. Sgt. Karen Slaughter is standing at the gates of Heaven with Gabriel and all the angels standing at attention and informing them all that the HBIC is now in charge.

Thank you Karen for being my best friend and so much more. I miss you and will never forget you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Last Blog from Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine???

This could be the last blog from me. If you were at the Moore County Fair the last two nights you are aware that myself and Ty Tyson have been going 'round and 'round. On Wednesday night he used a pair of brass knuckles (I was told) to knock me out (as well as a tooth from the back of my mouth) to pin me. Moses Manson (Yes, he is back) issued a rematch between us with Tyson's skankasaurus, Samantha Starr, banned not from the ring but the fair. That match took place tonight and ended with Ty Tyson just walking out of the ring forcing a count-out and a win for me, which is not what I wanted. So tonight and Moses Manson made yet another match between myself and Ty Tyson with the following stipulations; No DQ and No Count Outs with my wrestling career on the line. If Ty Tyson beats me then I leave wrestling and not just Power Pro but from the whole of pro wrestling.

I began wrestling in 1989 and since then wrestling has been my life. I live it, sleep it and breath it. This is not a past time for me it is my LIFE! Without wrestling then I have no life, I will die, it will kill me. I am far from ready to give this all up. So why did I put it on the line? Because I knew that Ty Tyson needed some incentive's to face me once again and my career on the line is more than enough incentive for him to show up. Don't get me wrong, Ty Tyson is a tremendous wrestler; former Internet and Heavyweight champion. He is very damn good and perhaps I did bite off more than I can chew but I am not going to be an easy win for Ty Tyson. This is not about titles, this is about my life and I am going to fight with all my heart and soul. I am not going to stop living yet. So Ty Tyson, you better bring it to get but you better understand I will be bringing that much more because I am not leaving wrestling. You will have to kill me and that is the damn truth.

That is all...for now.

Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts on WWE, TNA & UPWA and What Dr. Michael Devine is doing.

Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine. I'm called Doctor because the way I operate in the ring, and Big Daddy because the way I do my thing.

Welcome to The Doctor's Report.

So I have some thoughts on WWE and TNA which I am going to share. Why? Because its my damn column and I can share what I want to share, savvy? Good. Okay may I continue, little jimmy? I thank you.

So I watched WWE's SummerSlam and I have to admit WWE's PPVs have been getting better. SummerSlam was not only good but it surprised me. Usually when I'm watching any wrestling PPV I am rarely, if ever surprised. SummerSlam surprised me. It surprised me BIG TIME. Not only was the event good, very good. All the matches deserved to be on the ppv...though I would have liked to have seen Beth Phoenix come out as the Diva's Champion but that is beside the point. The WWE and the World titles changed hands on the same ppv event (can't remember when that happened last or even that I cared). The arrival of Edge surprised me. I mean Christian hinted at some big event that would change things and I thought...Oh lord...Tomko returns. When Edge ran out I was shocked. But my shock did not end there. When Edge told his best friend that, and I am paraphrasing, that Christian had disgraced the World Championship and that the only way he would ever have the respect was to face Orton alone and then Edge left him in the ring to face the Viper. For some reason I thought Christian would still walk away as champion. Surprise! After a damn good match...Orton WINS!...The Sheamus/Mark Henry Match was better than I thought it was going to be. In my opinion it ended the way it should have. Mark Henry is the 'Silverback Gorilla'....King Kong....Imposing his will and being just a big mean nasty thuggin' and buggin' terror. There is more to come with Mark/Sheamus/Big Show (Oh yeah....don't forget him). There were many matches on that PPV that made me go...WOW this is WWE? The World Title match was the one that surprised me the most. First, John Cena looked better. I made the observation that when John Cena is placed in matches with someone who makes him wrestle, he does. CM Punk made Cena wrestle. When Cena was pinned with his foot under the rope I figured we were heading down the Cena complaining about his foot being under the rope and another CM Punk/Cena match. Then before my shocked eyes Kevin Nash jackknifed CM Punk much to the surprise of Triple H and the fans. I was so busy going WHAT THE HELL! Out came Alberto Del Rio to cash in his money in the bank, which I had completely forgot about. Alberto covered Punk to win. I left watching Summer Slam not feeling like I had lost hours of my life I would never get back, which I use to feel. I also found myself actually excited about the upcoming RAW for that following Monday. Monday Night RAW did not disappoint...there was Kevin Nash, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, John Cena, CM Punk. I think if WWE continues to do what it is doing now I could actually not only enjoy watching WWE again but actually look forward at being surprised.

Now to TNA. You know, I am really trying to stay solid with TNA. The one thing I am begging...BEGGING....B E G G I N G to happen is get rid of Hogan and Bischoff and the entire Immortal idea. Bring back the six sided ring (I liked it and it made TNA unique) and focus on the guys who were there for TNA from the beginning. Neither Hogan nor Bischoff have any busy in TNA they are leeches...vampires...parasites. Yes I said parasites. I know Hogan did a  lot for wrestling (good and bad) but he needs to sit down and stay out of the spot light. Bischoff...well HE IS a parasite. Bischoff is a snake oil salesman, who is only about himself. TNA rebranded itself into IMPACT Wrestling with "Wrestling Matters". Neither Hogan nor Bischoff believe that. TNA has so much good going for it and to have the upper crust littered with the likes of Hogan, Bischoff, Steiner and The Jarretts. The whole Eric Young aka "Crazy Boy" going off to defend the TV title against TV stars as gone from mildly amusing to completely annoying. There are some bright lights; The X Division, The Bound For Glory Series, the Tag Team Division. I love Ric Flair...he will always be the man BUT I do not want to see him wrestling again and the old age playboy gimmick is not the way a legend should go out. Flair would be a great manager and mentor for the likes of a Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Gunner or some other great young talent. TNA rebranded to IMPACT needs a reboot and needs to boot out a lot of the deadwood and get back to WRESTLING THAT MATTERS!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So I got word that the UPWA show that was schedule for August 20th had been cancelled and that Power Pro Wrestling would be back in action for the fair season.

I was prepared for UPWA because as I said in my previous report myself, Ali Steele and D-Mac (Big Bad Bully) the more than a quarter ton of BIG STEELE are coming to UPWA to take the UPWA Tag Team Titles from Smooth Excellence. I have been advised by our agents at P&A (Pain & Agony) that Big Steele have been entered in the John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament scheduled for October 8th and 9th. The winning team become number one contenders for the tag team titles. So to all the other tag teams in the tournament you better come with your mind made up, your insurance paid up and your will written because when you step in the ring with BIG STEELE you will be beaten up. Smooth Excellence, if you are still the tag team champions by the time BIG STEELE gets to you we just want you to remember that it's not personal, it's just business. You guys are the champions which means you are next on the BIG STEELE "BUST THAT ASS" list.

OH that reminds me...Ali Steele, D-Mac and myself were in Roseboro about two weeks ago for ACPW. D-Mac and myself were there to watch Ali Steele's back and it was a good thing because there were a couple of Roseboro rejects who wanted to try some of BIG STEELE on, especially some young punk kid who apparently was the brother of hill-billy zombie but not as smart. This fool wanted to get up in the faces of three men who have a total combined weight of 1,010 pounds. The three of us are straight up Gorillas and Guerrillas. So whoever you are, when you step to us you better remember this: GOD FORGIVES! WE DON'T!"

POWER PRO...FAIR SHOW! Yes, POWER PRO will be at the Moore County Fair (August 31, Sept 1 and Sept 2) and I will be there. Don't know whose neck I will be twisting but you can bet when Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine hits the ring, it won't be nothing but a thing and somebody, somebody is gonna get dropped and if you don't know, now you know!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

To: Smooth Excellence, UPWA Tag Champions From: BIG STEELE

Well it seems to me, that there seems to be a tag team in the UPWA; who are talking big noise. There is only one problem when you make big noise, someone big comes around the corner ready to see what all the big noise is about.

Smooth Excellence, allow me to bring you some education by way of a formal introduction. The name is Devine, Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine. Called The Doctor, because of the way I operate in the ring and BIG DADDY because of the way I do my thing. 20 plus years I have ruled the ring; undisputed and undeniably the king!

On July 30th I watched you. Smooth Excellence, as you went round and round with the Beasleys and won the UPWA tag team titles. My hats off to you, I give you a hand clap and a slap on the back for doing what you do and becoming the top team in the UPWA. You see I have been there...two times before, with L.A Tank. As the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels we held the UPWA tag team titles twice and were the longest reigning tag team champions in the UPWA. Now Tank is doing his thing as the Heavyweight champion and I find myself hungry for some gold of my own. Most of my wrestling career has been as a very successful tag team wrestler; it's more forte, it's what I do the best. So when I watched you two become tag team champions the fire in the pit of my stomach lit up and I knew it was time.

Now, L.A. Tank is otherwise occupied defending the heavyweight title and that is cool with me because I have a partner...or should I say mind who will help make the dream come true. It wasn't long ago when I was apart of another tag team, another very successful tag team. A very BIG tag team. A tag team who would hold tag team gold and were unstoppable. We imposed our will in and out of the ring. That team was hungry. That team was dedicated. That team was the real deal because that team was BIG STEELE!  Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine and 'The Knock-out Artist" Ali Steele. At a combined weight of 660 pounds there was no tag team bigger or badder than Big Steele. We sold pain, agony and misery to our opponents 24/7 with a buy one, get one free discount. The name of the game was pain and Big Steele brought the pain. Cashing checks, breaking necks and winning belts that is the Big Steele way and now to the equation 3-B has been added...BIG BAD BULLY The D to the BIG Mac has our back and that means Big Steele just got BIGGER.

Now Smooth Excellence, we checked out your post match victory promo on YouTube. We heard you when you said "you were the best and that there was no tag team who could beat you." Oh, well now, pump your brakes and bake a cake because HOUSTON, we have a problem.
There is a tag team that can beat you. [BIG STEELE]
There is a tag team that will take the UPWA tag team titles from you. [BIG STEELE]
There is a tag team that hits harder than the Road Warriors, that's more devastating than Doom and that's hotter than Harlem Heat. [BIG STEELE]
And you boys are in luck. Guess who just signed up with UPWA and will be in the tag team division. I will give you three guesses and the first two don't count. Yup! you got it...BIG STEELE and we have one thing and one thing only in our sites and on our minds. THE UPWA TAG TEAM TITLES.

Now, we don't want you to take this personally, because it is not personal. The fact of the matter is this. You just happen the be the tag team champions. Just the luck of the draw, the roll of the dice, the way the cookie crumbled. It could have been the Beasleys or anyone else. Unfortunately, it's not anyone else, it's you two and that means your time as tag team champions will not be easy and sorry to say it won't be fun, either. But understand that if there is any tag team out there who understands and respects what you two have done in becoming tag team champions, it's Big Steele. We respect that and it is because of that respect that we are telling you, putting you on notice, making it known to one and all that Big Steele will be the next UPWA Tag Team Champions; no question and no doubt. Big Steele is the tag team that your momma warned you about. Remember when you were little, little boys and you would go running into the house scared out of your head and your momma would ask you "what's wrong with you, boy?" and you would take your momma by the hand as you stood behind her, pointing and saying "That's him momma, that's that man!" Here we are Smooth Excellence...we are 'That Man' and Big Steele will be the UPWA Tag Team Champions.

It's not personal, just business. You are the champions which means...YOU'RE NEXT!

The message was brought to you courtesy of Dr. Michael "Big Daddy" Devine, Ali Steele and "Big Bad Bully" D-Mac known collectively as BIG STEELE...straight up breakin' backs, kickin' ass and makin' cash!

And if you didn't know...NOW you know!

Monday, August 1, 2011




UPWA (UNITED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION): Saturday night UPWA held it's event in Wilmington, NC. The main event was an I Quit Match for the UPWA's World Title. This match had World Champion L.A. Tank facing off against DJINN. Of course in an I Quit Match there are no holds barred. This match was the culmination of a two year battle between L.A. Tank and the members of Brower Enterprises. There were tables, ladders, chairs, trash cans, lids...everything including the kitchen sink. Even with the help of Donald Brower and Christopher McKenzie, L.A. Tank was able to pull off a victory, retain his title and end the feud between himself and Brower Enterprises. So who is next for the UPWA World Champion?

Besides the main event there was a match that most people said stole the show. It was the semi main event and it featured yours truly, Michael Devine vs Steve Prestige. Now Prestigious Steve is 21 years old, stands 6ft 6in tall, blond haired, blue eyed, lean body. Michael Devine...44 years old, 20 plus years as a professional wrestler, 6ft 3in tall...A BIG BLACK BALD MAN. Steve hit me with his version of the RKO, which I tell you I'm still feeling the effects of. Unfortunately for him I fell out of the ring. Steve maybe all "Capt. America" but when a 300 lbs man is dead weight on the floor and you have to get him in the ring, it makes life put. He hit me with a high knee (ala Harley Race & Triple H), a leg drop across the second rope and a neckbreaker...but I kept on kicking out and never quit. Finally I brought down DEVINE FURY upon him with my clawhold chokeslam. Steve never had a chance.

Now, two titles changed hands in UPWA. A new cruiserweight champion and new tag team champions. The only reason I am mentioning the cruiserweight match, its because of what happened after that match, which I will discuss later. The tag team match interest me because of one thing. I am in my heart and soul a tag team wrestler and one of the best. The new tag champions....Smooth Excellence defeated the father and son tag team of The Beasleys. Now, earlier before the UPWA event began, I watched this tag team in the ring 'working out'. I made the comment...or rather asked them 'if they had a hot date that they were later for, since they were going so fast." Needless to say one member of the team (not knowing he was being addressed by a man who was wrestling while he was still sucking on his mommy's titty) was disrespectful towards me. I started to knock his head off his shoulders. So I watched their match and when they one I formulated my plan after I made one phone call. A phone call to the one man I know would help me put Smooth Excellence and the whole of UPWA's tag team division on notice. On August 20th, 2011 in Wilmington, NC the tag team of 'Big Daddy 'Michael Devine and Ali Steele (BIG STEELE) will be making our debut and appearance in UPWA with one thing on our minds....THE UPWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! At a combined weight of 660 lbs (over a quarter of a ton!!!) Big Steele is the largest tag team and at 6ft 5 and 6ft 3 respectively, we are the tallest tag team to enter UPWA. All the fans of Big Steele get your wagons ready and come to Wilmington NC and UPWA where Big Steele will show the UPWA why we hit harder than the Road Warriors, more dangerous than DOOM and hotter than Harlem Heat. When you are in the ring against Big Steele, it's not personal, you were just next.

Another thing happened in UPWA last night, during the cruiserweight match. Instead of me talking about it just check out the video, that's if you have not already seen it on Facebook and/or YouTube.

Hmmmmmmmm! Young Bludz! I have a feeling there is more to come and there will be blood!


There is a rumor going around on Facebook in the PPW Facebook group. Not everyone knows the rumor, which was started by the head of Power Pro Wrestling, Jimbo "Dick Foley" Fox. He has not revealed the rumor. Well I know the rumor and right here on the Doctor's Report I am going to tell you what the rumor is. 

The Rumor is

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Hello, Hello, Hello! Yes, this is The Doctor's Report and I am "The Doctor" Michael Devine. To be honest, when Power Pro Wrestling suspended operations (closed it's door) I just did not have the heart nor desire to continue my blog. I just didn't have the energy. 

Then while I was on Facebook I saw a guy, a friends, I use to wrestle with down in Georgia and in under 24 hours I re-connected with many more of those guys which got me to thinking about the good ol' days. I looked at pictures and the memories came flooding back; CW, JD and JR Justice who were once called Law and Order and some of the baddest dudes in the ring in the 90's. Tommy "U.S" Bonds, tough as nails and excellent in the ring. Johnny Blitz, the charisma of a rock star who made the girls scream. He could move in the ring, take it to the air and could take it to the mat and keep grounded. Then there was The Desert Warrior, built like a freaking tank and hit twice as hard. He and I battled over the SECW Heavyweight Championship in South Carolina. 

So as I saw how they looked now, today, some 15 or so years later, my memories of my time with them; seeing them in the ring (either wrestling with, against or watching them) came flooding back and it was like yesterday. In my mind's eye 15 plus years had not past. CW Justice (I use to call him Clay Clay) was still one tough guy, who gave 100% in the ring. He made anyone he wrestle look like a superstar. JR Justice (The Mastadon) was still some what of a rookie...but he had tremendous size and for his size he could move. JD Justice (who I met while at Moolah's) was a talker, he could get heat from a dead eskimo buried underground in Alaska. The first time I met him he was running his mouth (Of course) at the end of an event in...if I recall correctly...Aiken SC. Later he would become the manager of The Super Enforcer, Alan Kinsey, another fine king of the ring, who I learned a lot from. And how could I recall my time with The Fabulous Moolah without remembering The Great Mae Young and the guys who trained, honed, and helped me sharpen my skills like Johnny Z, Tommy Landell and Sammy "The Southern Patriot" Morton. The add to that mix Steve "Superfoot" Douglas who gave me my first back drop, which thanks to my own stupidity sent me so high in the air that when I landed I could have sworn I destroyed my kidneys. "Butcher" Blackwell, armed with a butcher's knife and a bloody butcher's apron. And watching over all of this was the late great and legendary Fabulous Moolah and The Great Mae Young, who put me in a pair of black trunks, white gloves and a feather-boa and dubbed me "Magnificent Michael", which was a gay gimmick as well as being a face. (And I do have the promo picture of that gimmick). Even as I type this blog the memories just flood back; Me and Deon Johnson (Stone Cold Kid) all over Greenville, Union and Greer feuding with each other and then in Georgia as members of the United Gangsta Party with A-Train Griffin and Nasty Q Dog. Teaming up with Johnny Flex to form the team of "The Heartbreakers" and our matches against Johnny Blitz and Damien Leigh "The Hot Shots". Then me and Sammy Morton as "The Rulebreakers"...the beginnings of my tag team wrestling career that would take me to Bob Keller and I as "Pretty Mean", then myself, Combat Kid (Gene-O) Major Mayhem and Spike Callahan as The House of Kane.

I could go on and on as I recount my wrestling career. Remembering all the places I have wrestled, the guys I wrestled, the men I use to watch wrestle as a kid I got to meet and even wrestle with or against like the legendary Jimmy "Boogie-Woogie Man" Valiant, The Masked Superstar, Demolition Ax, the late great legends Chief Wahoo McDaniel and Junkyard Dog. When I look back at my wrestling career I realize that there are several men and a couple of women (I'm not ashamed to say it) who helped make me what I am today, who I learned things from, who offered and gave me great advice, who took a chance on me and placed me on their shows or were just good people who I enjoyed being around. People like; Lewis Crain (Jim Lewis) and Cowboy (who saw me as the perfect heel to go after their top face...a young kid called "The Stone Cold Kid" and brought me to their company which opened up more doors for me.); Deon Johnson (Stone Cold Kid) who made me look like walking devastation every time we were in the ring together and then joined the dark side with me as a heel; Cruizer Lewis (Crispy Cruiser) who was and is a wonderful person to talk to and one of the double tough guys in the ring; The Black Angel (The original and only Sun-tanned Superman...lord what is there to say about him? Oh this...when you see him in the ring then you know you have been "Touched by an Angel"; Tony Early and Larry Lacey (who helped to create the legend of the brawling bad-ass Big Daddy Kane); Susan "Tex" Green (the second wrestling legend, who gave me the benefit of her precious time and experience) Talon, Wade and Jackhammer from ECPW in Hemingway (Who allowed me to become Michael Devine...Shaft hat, leopard printed tights and flowery Magnum P.I shirt all included and made me feel like and treated me with great deal of respect) Big Bee Steele (Brian Hoile), who allowed me to help three of his trainees in this business and sport we love and who reminded me why I love being a professional wrestler. The CPW Brotherhood in Martinsburg West Virginia and Hagerstown, Maryland (Sexy Shane Shadows, Spike Callahan, Gene Harrison, Bob Keller) who provided me with many great moments inside and outside of the ring.

There are so many more I could name and want to name. I may have to follow the lead of Scrapyard Dog and write a book. As I type this blog, taking this trip down memory lane...looking back at my past and those who were there when it all began for me. I do wonder where the time has gone. I then look to the future and wonder what is ahead for me and who will be waiting for me.

And with that said...The Doctor is out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Doctor is BACK!

The Doctor is back!

I know that it has been a little bit of a time since the last Doctor's Report and I do apologize for that. Things within The Doctor's personal life and business life have had to take front stage for a bit. However, I am now back in the saddle again and ready to give you another DOCTOR'S REPORT!

Let's begin with Power Pro Wrestling business first. There has been a lot of work going on preparing our "new" old home at the Moore County Fairgrounds and there is still more things to come and to be done. All to make things better for the Power Pro Wrestling fans who have supported us for so long. On May 14th we will be back in action in Moore County and I can not wait. You have seen the posters for the event on and I will be on the air this Tuesday, May 10, on Power Pro Talk to discuss the show and some other matters of interest and concern. Of course May 14th will be the night that Dick Foley will return to the ring as an active wrestler and he will face "The Master of Malice" Mark James. Once Foley signs the contract then it will be on like a big pot of neckbones. Power Pro Wrestling fans have been begging for this match and FINALLY it will happen and the conflict between Foley and Mark James will come to an end.

Speaking of conflict. The conflict between myself and Scotty Matthews resulted in a physical altercation between myself and Scotty at the last PPW show in Sanford, NC. Though it felt good knuckling up with Scotty it has cost me a very nice suit, which I have had to replace and I have been reprimanded as well as reminded by the Power Pro Wrestling Executive Board that my duties and responsibilites as General Manager do not give me the right to act as I had. Well, the board is right. As General Manager I should hold myself and my office with much more respect. HOWEVER I am a man and I will not let some jacked up MMA/Ultimate Fighting Championship chump try to punk me and not check his chin. To say that the board was not pleased with me is an understatement but we have gotten beyond that and have moved on. The conflict between myself and Scotty Matthews is just that, between myself and Scotty Matthews. Scotty continues to try to make this about the Four Corner Cartel and my attempts to take it over (his words not mine). I will continue to be "4Corner 4 Life" but I have the responsibility of running Power Pro Wrestling as General Manager and I love that job. It affords me opportunities to do so much more in the sport that I love. I firmly believe in the superiority of Ali Steele, Broderick G. McQueen and Nate Roberts. I will not take anything away from Scotty Matthews because he is a talented in ring talent but he has some issues and one of them is now with me. So all I have to say about that situation is this, "It ain't over, but I do have better things to do with my time."

I would like to congratulate Cade Sydal, the new Power Pro Wrestling Internet Champion and I am looking forward to big things from him. Cade Sydal has been a multi-time tag team champion and now this is his first major singles title in Power Pro Wrestling. It will not be an easy road for Sydal but I think he can handle it.

I have been asked by a few fans to explain the new policy of no more rematches for champions. I will touch on it here and more on Power Pro Talk. It is very simple. I feel that when a champion knows that they have an automatic rematch then they have a tendency to be a little lazy during their matches, I mean if you know you have a rematch clause why bring your all to the game. With no automatic rematch clause champions now have to bring their "A" plus game every single time they step into the ring because they know that its "One and Done". They will have to go to the bottom of the heap to get back to the top. I think that is very fair. It will also provide even better matches for the fans.

But this does not mean that the number one contenders get a night off. If you are a number one contender for a title then you have to stay on top of your game as well. If I have number one contenders losing matches before their title match, then I am not obliged to keep them in that position. A number one contender who gets beaten in non-title matches will have his contendership stripped away and they will have to go to the bottom of the heap. Again this is all designed to be fair to all and bring better quality matches to the fans.

New Talent coming to Power Pro Wrestling-

I am pleased to report that there will be more new talent coming to Power Pro Wrestling as well as some old talent that the fans have not seen in awhile returning. I am in contract negoitations with some new talent and some former talent. It's all about keeping Power Pro Wrestling at the top because we are not the next level...WE ARE THE LEVEL!

With all that being said, I have to go. I have pressing business to handle.

So now...THE DOCTOR is OUT!