Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Doctor is BACK!

The Doctor is back!

I know that it has been a little bit of a time since the last Doctor's Report and I do apologize for that. Things within The Doctor's personal life and business life have had to take front stage for a bit. However, I am now back in the saddle again and ready to give you another DOCTOR'S REPORT!

Let's begin with Power Pro Wrestling business first. There has been a lot of work going on preparing our "new" old home at the Moore County Fairgrounds and there is still more things to come and to be done. All to make things better for the Power Pro Wrestling fans who have supported us for so long. On May 14th we will be back in action in Moore County and I can not wait. You have seen the posters for the event on and I will be on the air this Tuesday, May 10, on Power Pro Talk to discuss the show and some other matters of interest and concern. Of course May 14th will be the night that Dick Foley will return to the ring as an active wrestler and he will face "The Master of Malice" Mark James. Once Foley signs the contract then it will be on like a big pot of neckbones. Power Pro Wrestling fans have been begging for this match and FINALLY it will happen and the conflict between Foley and Mark James will come to an end.

Speaking of conflict. The conflict between myself and Scotty Matthews resulted in a physical altercation between myself and Scotty at the last PPW show in Sanford, NC. Though it felt good knuckling up with Scotty it has cost me a very nice suit, which I have had to replace and I have been reprimanded as well as reminded by the Power Pro Wrestling Executive Board that my duties and responsibilites as General Manager do not give me the right to act as I had. Well, the board is right. As General Manager I should hold myself and my office with much more respect. HOWEVER I am a man and I will not let some jacked up MMA/Ultimate Fighting Championship chump try to punk me and not check his chin. To say that the board was not pleased with me is an understatement but we have gotten beyond that and have moved on. The conflict between myself and Scotty Matthews is just that, between myself and Scotty Matthews. Scotty continues to try to make this about the Four Corner Cartel and my attempts to take it over (his words not mine). I will continue to be "4Corner 4 Life" but I have the responsibility of running Power Pro Wrestling as General Manager and I love that job. It affords me opportunities to do so much more in the sport that I love. I firmly believe in the superiority of Ali Steele, Broderick G. McQueen and Nate Roberts. I will not take anything away from Scotty Matthews because he is a talented in ring talent but he has some issues and one of them is now with me. So all I have to say about that situation is this, "It ain't over, but I do have better things to do with my time."

I would like to congratulate Cade Sydal, the new Power Pro Wrestling Internet Champion and I am looking forward to big things from him. Cade Sydal has been a multi-time tag team champion and now this is his first major singles title in Power Pro Wrestling. It will not be an easy road for Sydal but I think he can handle it.

I have been asked by a few fans to explain the new policy of no more rematches for champions. I will touch on it here and more on Power Pro Talk. It is very simple. I feel that when a champion knows that they have an automatic rematch then they have a tendency to be a little lazy during their matches, I mean if you know you have a rematch clause why bring your all to the game. With no automatic rematch clause champions now have to bring their "A" plus game every single time they step into the ring because they know that its "One and Done". They will have to go to the bottom of the heap to get back to the top. I think that is very fair. It will also provide even better matches for the fans.

But this does not mean that the number one contenders get a night off. If you are a number one contender for a title then you have to stay on top of your game as well. If I have number one contenders losing matches before their title match, then I am not obliged to keep them in that position. A number one contender who gets beaten in non-title matches will have his contendership stripped away and they will have to go to the bottom of the heap. Again this is all designed to be fair to all and bring better quality matches to the fans.

New Talent coming to Power Pro Wrestling-

I am pleased to report that there will be more new talent coming to Power Pro Wrestling as well as some old talent that the fans have not seen in awhile returning. I am in contract negoitations with some new talent and some former talent. It's all about keeping Power Pro Wrestling at the top because we are not the next level...WE ARE THE LEVEL!

With all that being said, I have to go. I have pressing business to handle.

So now...THE DOCTOR is OUT!

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