Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Doctor is in and ready for another Doctor's Report.

I intended to talk about TNA and WWE BUT some thing happened last night on Power Pro Talk that I want to address.

If you listened to Power Pro Talk last night (or if you missed it go here ) as I did last night, you noticed that Power Pro Owner, Jim, Jimbo, Dick Foley (after 6pm) hosted the entire show by himself. It was interesting. He said some things on last night's show that I want to address.

Fox showed a video of the match between Mark James and Scrapyard Dog, which conveniently stopped playing right before showing that Jim Fox charged the ring with a chair, hitting Scrapyard Dog and then after pouring thousands of thumb tacks on the chair, Fox DDT'ed Mark James on the chair the ordered Scrapyard Dog to cover him, of course Mark James lost and that ended his career in Power Pro. Jim "Jimbo" Fox screwed Mark James but I get blamed. WHAT? REALLY?

Let me make this point perfectly clear...Okay...look on a personal level and even a professional level, I have no real problem with Mark James. Okay, okay...I gave him grief over his losing streak...and perhaps enjoyed it a little BUT what I was giving Mark was tough love. I wanted to make him angry, to find that hunger, drive, that fury and channel it so that maybe he would start winning matches. I'm not going to apologize for that. Mark James on a losing streak is not money...putting him up against Scrapyard Dog...I felt was a money would be a great match...blowing the damn roof off the place. Give the fans their money's worth and more, so when they gave me the half-assed joke matches and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt schtick I upped the ante. IF I KNEW Jim Fox was up to some thing...Look, the bottom line is this...and I will admit it...Mark James is money for Power Pro and what Jim Fox did was take money out of Power Pro's pocket. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. The match was no DQ, the referee's decision stands...Mark James is gone from Power Pro but not by my hand. One man is responsible...JIM "JIMBO" FOX. WHY JIM? WHY?

The Power Pro Board of Directors were not happy. I promised them a match where Mark James had a chance, which he did until Jim Fox got involved. That was when I came up with the idea of a face to face on the debut of "The Doctor's Corner" March 26th where the fans will have a chance to address Jim Fox and his actions, he can respond to them...AND Mark James will be given the chance to address him. Now things WILL NOT get physical. This is an opportunity for Jim Fox to explain his actions to the fans and Mark James.

I have attempted to contact Mark James, who has yet to respond on the idea of a face to face. Jim Fox has promised to answer all the fans and Mark James' questions.

During last night's show it was revealed that there will be a battle royal in which the final four men will have a ladder match for the Power Pro Heavyweight title. It was revealed that Ali Steele would be in the battle royal for all intent of purpose he is defending his title. With so much going on I signed off on it without reading it, so it stands as is BUT if there is a way out I will find a way out of this for "The Champ". That match will take place at Spring Fling on April 9, 2011 at the National Guard Armory in Sanford. Make sure you check for all the information.

That is all for now. The Doctor is out!

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