Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power Wrestling Talk, PPW Homecoming Matches

This is Dr. Michael Devine, Power Pro Wrestling General Manager, and the DOCTOR is IN!

Okay, so if you watched/listened to Power Pro Talk 3/22/11, then you heard me offer Jimbo Fox a wrestling contract to face Scrapyard Dog at Power Pro Wrestling's "Home-Coming" with his new CIW United States Championship on the line. You heard him back peddle...and try to get out of it. How ironic...after all this time of him wanting me to give him a contract and the fans wanting him to have a contract...I give him one...offer rather and he seems to not want it. I will have a wrestling contract for Jimbo (Dick after 6) Fox for him at the Home-coming show and once he signs it then he will be a signed wrestler and on that night he will face Scrapyard Dog for the CIW United States title and if Mark James shows up at Home-Coming, I will rehire him and make the match a triple threat. Yes, The Doctor has seen the light...the fans want it and The Doctor will provide it. The fans wanted DJ Slash back...Slash is back. They want Foley back...well I am trying to make that's up to Foley from this point on. Everyone made their points to me and I now understand and I will see to it that you get what you want.

HOMECOMING is going to be a BIG EVENT! Here are the matches that have been made, of course matches are subject to change.

Walt Strickland vs STD (Suicide Test Dummy) [The winner of this match will receive a permanent Power Pro Wrestling contract.]

Dr. Michael Devine vs Cade Sydal [If Cade Sydal lasts more than 7 minutes he will receive a title shot for the Internet Championship when ever he wants as well as name the match he wants.]

A Lucha Libre Match: Guererro Ninja/Sangre Latina vs Puerto Rico Boriqua 

[The debut of the Doctor's Corner: Michael Devine will have Jimbo Fox AKA Dick Foley for a Question and Answer from the Power Pro Wrestling fans to explain his actions against Scrapyard Dog and Mark James. As well as the presentation of a wrestling contract to Fox.]

Broderick G. McQueen vs Brandon Day

PPW Tag Team Title Match: Roland Dyce/Gluetus Maximus vs Nate Roberts/Tony Platinum

PPW Internet Title Match: Scotty Matthews vs Scrapyard Dog

PPW Heavyweight Title Match: Ali Steele vs Ty Tyson with Samantha Starr [This will be Ty Tyson's rematch and last chance to regain the PPW Heavyweight title]

Go to to get all the information.

The Doctor is OUT!

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