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UPWA (UNITED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION): Saturday night UPWA held it's event in Wilmington, NC. The main event was an I Quit Match for the UPWA's World Title. This match had World Champion L.A. Tank facing off against DJINN. Of course in an I Quit Match there are no holds barred. This match was the culmination of a two year battle between L.A. Tank and the members of Brower Enterprises. There were tables, ladders, chairs, trash cans, lids...everything including the kitchen sink. Even with the help of Donald Brower and Christopher McKenzie, L.A. Tank was able to pull off a victory, retain his title and end the feud between himself and Brower Enterprises. So who is next for the UPWA World Champion?

Besides the main event there was a match that most people said stole the show. It was the semi main event and it featured yours truly, Michael Devine vs Steve Prestige. Now Prestigious Steve is 21 years old, stands 6ft 6in tall, blond haired, blue eyed, lean body. Michael Devine...44 years old, 20 plus years as a professional wrestler, 6ft 3in tall...A BIG BLACK BALD MAN. Steve hit me with his version of the RKO, which I tell you I'm still feeling the effects of. Unfortunately for him I fell out of the ring. Steve maybe all "Capt. America" but when a 300 lbs man is dead weight on the floor and you have to get him in the ring, it makes life put. He hit me with a high knee (ala Harley Race & Triple H), a leg drop across the second rope and a neckbreaker...but I kept on kicking out and never quit. Finally I brought down DEVINE FURY upon him with my clawhold chokeslam. Steve never had a chance.

Now, two titles changed hands in UPWA. A new cruiserweight champion and new tag team champions. The only reason I am mentioning the cruiserweight match, its because of what happened after that match, which I will discuss later. The tag team match interest me because of one thing. I am in my heart and soul a tag team wrestler and one of the best. The new tag champions....Smooth Excellence defeated the father and son tag team of The Beasleys. Now, earlier before the UPWA event began, I watched this tag team in the ring 'working out'. I made the comment...or rather asked them 'if they had a hot date that they were later for, since they were going so fast." Needless to say one member of the team (not knowing he was being addressed by a man who was wrestling while he was still sucking on his mommy's titty) was disrespectful towards me. I started to knock his head off his shoulders. So I watched their match and when they one I formulated my plan after I made one phone call. A phone call to the one man I know would help me put Smooth Excellence and the whole of UPWA's tag team division on notice. On August 20th, 2011 in Wilmington, NC the tag team of 'Big Daddy 'Michael Devine and Ali Steele (BIG STEELE) will be making our debut and appearance in UPWA with one thing on our minds....THE UPWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! At a combined weight of 660 lbs (over a quarter of a ton!!!) Big Steele is the largest tag team and at 6ft 5 and 6ft 3 respectively, we are the tallest tag team to enter UPWA. All the fans of Big Steele get your wagons ready and come to Wilmington NC and UPWA where Big Steele will show the UPWA why we hit harder than the Road Warriors, more dangerous than DOOM and hotter than Harlem Heat. When you are in the ring against Big Steele, it's not personal, you were just next.

Another thing happened in UPWA last night, during the cruiserweight match. Instead of me talking about it just check out the video, that's if you have not already seen it on Facebook and/or YouTube.

Hmmmmmmmm! Young Bludz! I have a feeling there is more to come and there will be blood!


There is a rumor going around on Facebook in the PPW Facebook group. Not everyone knows the rumor, which was started by the head of Power Pro Wrestling, Jimbo "Dick Foley" Fox. He has not revealed the rumor. Well I know the rumor and right here on the Doctor's Report I am going to tell you what the rumor is. 

The Rumor is

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